AWESOME: Three Burglars Break Into House. Get DROPPED by Homeowner’s Son with AR-15…

At the top of the leftist list of awesome things to ban sits the scary black rifle. Translated for people who know what they’re talking about: AR-15s. Lefties believe the AR was designed solely for shooting up elementary schools and giving its shooter a bad case of the PTSD, and thus shouldn’t be for sale to your average bro. Well, here’s a tale that shows just how useful one of those tactical terrors can be


According to officials with the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office, three masked people broke into the house through the back door with the intent of burglarizing the home.

Officials say the homeowner’s young adult son killed all three with an AR-15.

According to WaPo:

They wore gloves, masks and all-black clothes, Wagoner County Deputy Nick Mahoney told Tulsa World. Two of the teenagers were armed, one with a knife and the other with brass knuckles.

So the robbers had were prepared to get violent against anyone at home keen on defending themselves or their property. Important detail.

That guy’s old man must feel proud, knowing he has a bonafide badass for a son.

rambo shooting m60

Had the youngster not been equipped with some serious firepower, it may have been he and his father laid out on the slabs, having been knuckled and stabbed all the way to heaven. Which, by no means, is a pleasant way to meet your maker. Instead, our hero grabbed his rifle, slapped in a mag full of 5.56, yanked the charging handle, and pulled the trigger. No more bad guys.

once upon a time in the west

Some advice for you gents with a propensity for burglarizing los casas. Check that nobody is home before you go bursting through the door, lest ye have your hindparts turned to Swiss cheese. Better yet, maybe consider a different career path. Things have a way of not ending well for people in your line of work.

Leftists say the AR-15 has no practical purpose in civilian hands. This case proves otherwise. One young fella managed to cut down three armed baddies almost effortlessly. Had he a lesser blaster, the outcome may not have been as satisfactory. When it comes to plinking the metal, preserving the liberty, and protecting your homefront, nothing compares to the venerable AR-15. You can’t get any more practical than that.

Speaking of the blasters…


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