DiCaprio: UN is “last best hope of Earth”, We must “leave fossil fuels in the ground where they belong”

Syria and Iraq remain entrenched in a civil war that has seen the Islamic State — ISIS — take over huge swaths of territory in both countries.  Russia continues their takeover of Eastern Europe after annexing the Crimean Peninsula and marching on Eastern Ukraine.  Iran and Saudi Arabia are in the midst of a Shiite-Sunni proxy war in Yemen.  Boko Harem and Al-Shebab continue to terrorize non-Muslims across Africa.

Women across the Muslim world are systematically oppressed — denied the right to drive, vote, or even leave the home without a male chaperone.  Pakistan is facing violent protests where men are fighting for the right to stone their wives and daughters after a recent law banned it.  Drug cartels across Mexico and Latin America terrorize civilians in ways that rival only ISIS in brutality.

There is no shortage of crises in the world, yet liberals are worried about the weather.  This was on display yet again last Friday, when Leonardo DiCaprio spoke to the United Nations on climate change.

Liberals, it seems, cannot be bothered with such mundane problems as ethnic cleansing, Soviet-era-style aggression, or the oppression of hundreds of millions of women.  Instead, they choose to focus on the big issue — which for them is the changing of the weather.

Hollywood actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio emphasized this point when he spoke to the United Nations last Friday — which happened to be liberal Christmas (Earth Day).  Here is some of what DiCaprio had to say when addressing the United Nations.

“Our planet cannot be saved unless we leave fossil fuels in the ground, where they belong,”

“An upheaval, a massive change is required right now, one that leads to a new collective consciousness, a new collective evolution of the human race, inspired and enabled by a sense of urgency from all of you,”

“You are the last best hope of Earth,” he added. “We ask you to protect it or we and all living things we cherish are history.”

Apparently nobody gave Mr. DiCaprio the notice that NASA has admitted that polar ice has not receded since 1979.  If there is one thing that Leonardo DiCaprio said that should be alarming to everyone who lives on planet Earth, it is that the United Nations is our “last best hope.”


Source : truthandaction.com