Dick's Sporting Goods Just Got Kicked in the Face by Another Supplier

Dick’s Sporting Goods just learned another hard lesson about it’s new anti gun stance as another supplier, Hogue, has joined Mossberg, Springfield Armory and others in cutting off the chain.

This move comes after Dick’s decision to restrict the minimum age of rifle buyers to 21, jumping in with the gun control crowd by hiring lobbyists to push gun restrictions, and their decision to stop offering standard capacity magazines:

Hogue said they are distancing themselves from Dick’s Sporting Goods and their Field & Stream affiliate, removing them as an authorized dealer of Hogue products. In a statement, Hogue leadership said the retailer brought it on themselves with their recent decisions to no longer offer standard capacity magazines, restrict the minimum age of rifle buyers to 21, and hiring lobbyists to advance gun control efforts.

“Hogue has a long-standing tradition of supporting American enthusiasts with top quality firearm accessories and refuses to work with any organization who supports restricting the rights our Founders fought to provide and protect,” said third-generation managing owner, Neil Hogue.

Over the past half-century, Hogue has been known for their handgun grips but in recent has have expanded their product line to include rifle stocks, knives, holsters and gear bags among others. Dick’s currently lists a number of Hogue grips in their catalog, as does Field & Stream.

Hogue joins other firearms icons such as Mossberg, Springfield Armory and others that have backed away from Dick’s so far this year.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has clearly gone to the dark side.

Proof of this is the high praise the chain has recieved for it’s gun control efforts from noted gun grabber and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is pointing to Dick’s Sporting Goods as proof that “responsible corporate leadership” is good for business.

Cuomo released a statement Thursday praising the company for changes it recently made to its policies pertaining to gun sales.

The governor said in the aftermath of the February mass shooting at a Florida high school, the “New York-bred company took a principled stand by ending sales of assault-style weapons.” He also noted Dick’s raised the age to buy a gun to 21.

Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack announced the company’s policy changes two weeks after the Parkland shooting.

Good job Hogue for refusing to do business with Dick’s Sporting Goods!

When a sporting goods chain gets high praise from a gun grabbing Democrat it’s time for freedom loving Americans to shop elsewhere.

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