Doctor Gloats That Babies Can’t Scream As She Kills Them… Because She “Cuts Their Cords” First

You guys… this actually makes me sick to my stomach.

As I’ve mentioned before, I used to be really liberal… and I know it’s hard for some people to believe, but I know many very good people, who for one reason or another, consider themselves pro-choice.

I’ve been MORE than clear about how I personally feel about it… I’m pro-life, and have written about that AT LENGTH. But I will not judge them.That’s on them. And I’m not here to argue about it.

This… however… is about as gross and evil as one could possibly be about abortion.

What. The. Hell.

I could vomit.

Someone asked an abortionist if she hears the baby scream as she kills it… her answer legitimately gave me goosebumps.

According to Life News:

Pre-born babies don’t scream as they’re aborted, because “I transect the cord 1st so there’s really no opportunity,” according to a prominent abortionist.

Leah Torres, an abortionist with a big Twitter presence, tweeted that if the babies she kills are developed enough to have larynxes, she snips “the cord” so they don’t scream. Torres then deleted the tweet.

Omg… why??? Was this really necessary? It’s almost as if she enjoys it…

Does she not at all see how grotesque this is?!

It’s unclear if she meant spinal, umbilical, or vocal cords. Abortion by umbilical cord transection is a method of abortion. During such an abortion, “using the ultrasound for guidance, the physician then punctures the amniotic membrane, inserts an instrument into the uterus, grasps the cord, and with another instrument cuts the cord. The physician must then wait for the fetal heart activity to cease, which usually occurs after 10 minutes.”

Ten minutes. It takes 10 minutes for these babies to die.

I’m pretty sure many of those who are ok with this are VERY opposed to a death-row inmate suffering for 10 minutes as they’re executed…

And these babies are entirely innocent of all crime. They were never even given a chance.

Is this not a massive dissonance?

Torres said she deleted that tweet because “my friend asked me to” but “I’m not sorry” for it.

Deleting the post was “for the greater good of reproductive health,” Torres wrote, because her friend is “trying to open dialogue between ‘pro-life’ and ‘pro-choice’…in Australia.”

Torres is based in Utah. She works for Planned Parenthood. According to Center for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden, he didn’t investigate Utah Planned Parenthood “because their abortion doctors were the only ones who actually scared me.”

“The Silent Scream” is a famous documentary, narrated by NARAL founder and former abortionist, from the early days of the pro-life movement. It shows an actual abortion on an ultrasound. The 11-week-old baby being killed appears to be crying out in pain.

I can’t even think about this…

It makes my heart hurt.

As someone who eagerly awaits motherhood some day… I just can’t wrap my mind around it. I can’t.