Donald Trump Celebrates Campaign Volunteer’s Father Who Beat Cancer

President Donald Trump met with a campaign volunteer and his father on Friday after giving him a gift of $10,000 in 2017.

The story began when Shane Bouvet was profiled in the Washington Post in 2017, a single dad living paycheck-to-paycheck and volunteering for the Trump campaign in Springfield, Illinois, in his spare time.

Trump read the story and met with Bouvet in Washington, DC, before his inauguration and offered a $10,000 check to the man to help him out.

Bouvet said he would use the money to help pay for chemotherapy for his father who was suffering from bladder cancer.

His father, Donald Bouvet, is now cancer-free, prompting the president to invite them to visit him at the White House.

“I’ve always told Shane, one day I wanted to come here or meet you somewhere, shake your hand and look you in the eye and say thank you for saving my life,” Donald Bouvet said to the president.

Trump replied that it was “incredible” that Shane would give his money to his father rather than keep it for himself.

“That is a tremendous story of the love of a father by his son,” Trump said. “You just don’t see it often and it’s one of the beautiful things.”


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