First Picture of the “Swastika Bandit” Going Viral, Spells BAD NEWS for Liberals

Those who were hoping that the “Swastika Bandit” was a white, Trump-supporting male are about to be sorely disappointed.

In late October, someone was going around the Bay Area Regional Transit (BART) stations in the San Francisco Bay area and vandalizing the stations with swastikas. Immediately, leftists came “to the rescue” to comment on the rise of racism in America.

(Just as a point of interest: Scott Weiner is the California state legislator who sponsored a bill to rid the state of criminal penalties for knowingly exposing others to the HIV virus.)

The identity of the perpetrator was unknown, yet the Left pounced on this as evidence of a rise of racism in America. However, knee-jerk reactions to these kinds of events will always backfire.

Security cameras in the area finally caught a video of the suspect, and local news sources shared the image obtained by BART. According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

BART police are searching for a serial vandal suspected of drawing several swastikas and writing ethnic slurs on BART property over the past week. The first incident was reported Oct. 20, BART spokesman Chris Filippi said.

Officials believe the same person is responsible for the string of vandalism due to similarities in the images and word choice. Incidents have been reported at the San Leandro, Glen Park and MacArthur stations, officials said.

A person was seen on camera at the Embarcadero Station drawing a swastika similar to the ones reported over the past week. BART police are seeking the public’s help in identifying the man and have released images of the man believed to be responsible.

And who exactly is the suspect? Well, a picture has been released, and it’s not who the Left thought it was going to be.

Yep, it’s a black man. Not exactly someone who fits the mold of “racist Republicans” that the Left will often portray them as. This is not evidence of the rise of racism; it’s just someone trying to get attention.

Remember how many times we have reported on such fake hate crimes? Here’s one example from June of 2017:

In what is likely another “hate crime hoax,” a woman who was a regular attendee at the Islamic Center of Des Moines was arrested on arson charges after she allegedly tried to burn the mosque to the ground.

Security camera footage showed the woman – later identified as Aisha Ismail, 22, pouring lighter fluid on the carpet of the mosque and starting the fire, the Des Moines Register reported.

Ismael fled the scene before police could arrive. The fire was put out without doing too much damage.

Later, authorities arrested her at her West Des Moines apartment and booked her into the county jail on a charge of first degree arson.

Police said there were no indications the arson attempt was a hate crime. Police spokesman Sgt. Pail Parizek said Ismael attended the mosque and officially, the motive was unclear.

A fake hate crime, a hoax. And a disservice to those who actually are suffering from racial or religious prejudice (like many Jewish people around the world, who are increasingly under attack in recent years).

Who knows what this guy’s motivations are, but it’s fairly certain that he’s not a member of the KKK or Nazi Party.

H/T Conservative Tribune