Fox's Judge Jeanine EXPLODES – Demands Trump Take FBI Conspirators 'Out in Cuffs'

For Judge Jeanine Pirro, the verdict is in.

Last week, she targeted special counsel Robert Mueller, telling her audience, “There is a cleansing needed in our FBI and our Department of Justice. It needs to be cleansed of individuals who should not just be fired but who need to be taken out in handcuffs.”

That came following some serious challenges to the integrity of Mueller’s investigation – specifically in regards to the firing of FBI agent Peter Strzok. It turned out that he had been removed from the investigation three months prior to the public ever finding out why (he had sent a number of anti-Trump texts to a colleague). Trey Gowdy famously threatened to hold the FBI and Department of Justice in contempt of Congress for withholding that information.

That was then – and no news has come out bolstering Mueller’s credibility after that trainwreck. So Judge Jeanine is doubling down. According to Mediaite,

She briefly responded to being mocked by Stephen Colbert before acknowledging she’s doubling down, addressing the anti-Trump FBI texts and Peter Strzok‘s involvement in the Hillary Clinton investigation.

Pirro reiterated there was a group of “lawless individuals” who tried to take the decision of who gets to be president away from the American people, and when that failed, they “conspired… to bring down his presidency and his family as well.”

She concluded:

“The only thing that remains is whether we have the fortitude to not just fire these people immediately, but to take them out in cuffs.”

Watch for yourself below:

Personally – I’ll disagree only in that I hope Mueller and his comedy of errors that he calls an “investigation” continues. It’ll allow hysterical liberals to continue embarrassing themselves under the presumption that there’s kinda-maybe-sorta-hopefully a Trump/Russia connection, while the rest of us can just laugh.

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