If You Hate Don Lemon, You'll Absolutely Love What This CNN Guest Called Him

For everyone who’s been more than a little bothered by CNN’s Don Lemon, I’ve got the interview for you.

During the host’s most recent show, Trenton Garmon, a supporter of judge Roy Moore, appeared to defend his candidate.

While Garmon – a lawyer on the campaign – was ostensibly brought on to defend the embattled Alabama senate candidate, it’s the nickname he gave to Lemon that has made many folks smile.

It popped out early, when Lemon first asked: “Why would Leigh Corfman and the other accusers make up a story like this?”

Garmon answered, “Yeah, man, it is great to be on here, Don. I appreciate it. I hope to give you the name ‘Don Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy’ right–you’ll take it easy on me.” Take a look:

Lemon – trying to be a professional – ignored Garmon’s awesome handle for the anchor. But later in the interview, Lemon had to interject:

Lemon says: “What I said specifically at the top of the show was that the statute of limitations has run out, so there will be no judge and jury, there will be no process. The process is that a woman has come forward on the record…”

“Okay. I hear you,” Garmon responds, “But hey, Don Lemon Squeezy Keep It Easy–”

“It’s just Lemon. Hold on, my mom didn’t name me Don Lemon keep it easy squeezy, just it’s just Don Lemon.”


Lemon has a history of saying incredibly stupid things.

Almost four years ago, he told CNN’s Jake Tapper that people shouldn’t criticize then-President Barack Obama because he’s black.

Everyone is being looking to hit him and everyone is looking to punch him, and I understand that, and as a journalist you weigh how much you should criticize the president, because he’s black, what have you, but then you have to do it because ultimately you’re a journalist.

During last year’s campaign, Lemon argued that a tape made where Hillary Clinton laughs about the rape of a 12-year-old wasn’t really Hillary Clinton. (Even Hillary acknowledged it was her on the tape).

And in January, Lemon defended four thugs who kidnapped, attacked and tortured a mentally disabled young man for 48 hours. According to the CNN host, the men had “bad home training.”

“I don’t think it’s evil,” Mr. Lemon responded to contributor Matt Lewis. “I think these are young people, and I think they have bad home training. Who’s raising these young people? I have no idea who’s raising these young people, because no one I know on earth who is 17 years old or 70 years old would ever think of treating another person like that. It is inhumane.”

And most recently, Lemon was one of the leftist commentators who denounced the “thoughts and prayers” offered for the victims of the Texas Church Shooting.

“These God-fearing Christians were in church,” Lemon said the day after the shooting. “They were already praying. Thoughts and prayers did not stop an oversight from the justice system which enabled a guy who attacked his stepson and assaulted his wife from getting a gun. Thoughts and prayers didn’t stop a troubled person from buying assault grade weapons that took the lives of 26 people in an instant.”

So no, we have no problem with mocking Don ‘Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy’ Lemon a little.

H/T: www.thefederalistpapers.org