James Clapper Blows Trump/Russia Conspiracy Out of the Water – David Harris Jr

In his recent book, James Clapper destroys the theory that Russia and Trump colluded in the 2016 election. He said that like most Americans, Russia hated Hillary Clinton and when they first started they were strictly anti-Hillary and it wasn’t until Trump locked up the nomination that they started putting out pro Trump material, but later they abandoned aiding him when his numbers dropped and they started writing favorable stories about Jill Stein right up until election day. That blows the Russian conspiracy right out the window. So why is Mueller investigating? Because it’s not about collusion, it’s about driving a legitimately elected president from office.

From Breitbart News

After that, Clapper writes that Russia shifted its alleged efforts to defeating Clinton instead of purportedly promoting Trump and that direction did not change throughout the election. He even writes that Russia allegedly gave Jill Stein more favorable coverage than Trump during that time.

Clapper writes:

After mid-October, the Russians no longer tried to compare Mr. Trump positively with Secretary Clinton. Instead, they complained that Americans had never been given a decent choice. In the final weeks before Election Day, they continued promoting conspiracies about Clinton corruption and her connections with Islamic extremism.

On Election Day, November 8, no one really believed Mr. Trump had a chance — including the Russians, who had never pivoted back to promoting him, and who, it could be argued, gave Green Party candidate Jill Stein more favorable coverage.

In fact, by election day, Clapper says the Russians were convinced that Hillary would win and were planning a movement to undermine her presidency. Those smug Russians actually believed they could undermine her presidency more than she could herself. They were planning a campaign against her using the hashtag #DemocracyRIP.

This tells you all you need to know about the Mueller investigation.

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