“Male” Transgender Wrestler Rewarded AGAIN for Beating up Women

Performance enhancing drugs are illegal in competition. Just ask Jon Jones. And Anderson Silva. Also, Brock Lesnar. But that’s just for biological males. If you’re a tranny transitioning to male, it’s totes ok in the name of tolerance.

Let’s reacquaint ourselves with Mack Beggs. You may remember him/her from such stories as TOLERANCE: “Male” Transgender Wrestler Steamrolls Competition. In Female Division… and Texas Fights Back, Proposes Bill Banning Athletes for Steroids….

It’s a year later and Beggs is still making all the other girls cry. As s/he kicks their not ‘roided up asses.

High school senior Mack Beggs, 18, was forced to continue competing with girls after he began to transition and take testosterone due to University Interscholastic League rules that say wrestlers must compete under the gender listed on their birth certificate.

The Euless, Texas teenager complied and claimed victory winning the girls wrestling state 110-pound title last year.

But his win came with major backlash including a lawsuit alleging ‘unfair advantage’, boos during competition, and opponents forfeiting matches.

Beggs, a senior at Euless Trinity High School, also looks different than he did last year thanks to his testosterone injections – which measure less than one milliliter each month, according to Dallas News.

He began to take steroids to transition from female to male in 2015.

So, if Bobby Sue Johnson took steroids to increase her game, she’d be banned from competing. But Mack Beggs pumping herself silly with testosterone is okay. All because she’s a fake boy or something

Here’s my question, say Beggs competed in the boys division. Does s/he get to take steroids there too? Or do we then get outraged because the real boys are beating her?

Oh the intricacies of trannydom.


Source : louderwithcrowder.com