MLB Embarrasses Failing NFL by Letting Cops Sing Anthem

The National Football League has faced criticism and even a walk-out by the Vice President of the United States for its ongoing national anthem protests.

While the NFL struggles to not insult its audience, however, “America’s pastime” has taken a much more patriotic approach.

During Game 7 of the World Series, Major League Baseball showed the kind of class and respect that kneeling football players seem to have forgotten.

In a moving show of appreciation for both the American flag and law enforcement officers, the baseball league invited the Los Angeles Police Department quartet to sing the national anthem.

As uniformed members of the United States military marched into the stadium carrying the stars and stripes, four police officers of diverse backgrounds and races delivered the Star Spangled Banner in perfect harmony.

Those talented officers were Tim Talman, Ray Morales, Michelle Ayerdis and Roz Curry.

Viewers responded very positively to the classy move, and many people used social media to praise the anthem performance.

“NFL millionaires take note… Americans stand for a police officer singing the National Anthem at WorldSeries,” posted State Representative Christina Hagan from Ohio.

“Police officers singing the National Anthem at World Series. Now, that’s patriotism!” wrote Fox News contributor Todd Starnes.

All players from both teams appeared to have stood for the anthem, most with their hands over their hearts out of respect.

The baseball league previously received attention during the seventh inning stretch of the initial World Series game, when “God Bless America” was sung by a group of military veterans in the stadium.

Amazingly, fragile liberals had a problem with this song, as well. It looks like anything vaguely traditional or pro-America is “offensive” to the far left.

“Ew, they replaced 7th inning stretch Take Me Out to the Ball Game with God Bless America. The American jingoism is unbearable,” wrote one Twitter user. Yeah, freedom and patriotism? Like, ew.

“There is no reason for God Bless America at the ballpark. You don’t have to take off your hat. You don’t even have to stand,” posted journalist Charles P. Pierce.

“God Bless America” has in fact been played during many MLB games since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and of course has a much older history, as well. It was actually a favorite of Franklin D. Roosevelt — a Democrat — and was used as his official campaign song.

Even though the “tear down everything” crowd doesn’t like it, however, major league baseball seems to understand who its true fans are: Red-blooded Americans who believe in values like liberty, respecting the military and standing with the thin blue line.

It looks like baseball really is America’s sport.

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