Respectful Foreign Crowd Puts Kneelers to Shame by Saving Anthem

In November of 2014, the crowd at a Toronto Maple Leafs game never thought they’d be taking a bigger stand for the United States of America than our own athletes.

The game was against a team out of Tennessee, the Nashville Predators. Although this was a game in Canada, the presence of an American team called for both national anthems to be played. During the singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” fans from both sides of the border stood in respectful silence. But halfway through, the microphone started to cut out.

For anthem protesters like Colin Kaepernick, this would have been a small victory. It’s not hard to imagine him on the sidelines wearing a smug grin while the audio equipment fades out.

The mostly Canadian crowd wasn’t about to let a symbol of the American nation fade into silence. They took up the song where it was left off, and within seconds the entire stadium was booming.

Although there has always been some level of rivalry between the United States and Canada, these hockey fans showed exactly where that competition ends and our friendship begins. They showed a massive amount of respect by finishing our anthem, even increasing their volume to drown out the laughter. There are too many people back in the United States who are less patriotic than these Canadian hockey fans.

While everyday Canadians are showing love and respect for our country, there are American citizens who hate violently hate their own country. Riots and anti-American protests have become a common trend across more liberal areas of the U.S. The irony of protesting against a nation that gives you the freedom to say what you want with no consequences is lost on them.

There are some in America who protest even though they have taken advantage of everything our country has to offer. Professional athletes like Colin Kaepernick are often exorbitantly wealthy, with contracts ranging in the million-plus dollar range. In fact, the average salary of an NFL player is just shy of $2 million. They protest the country and system that provided them with mansions, exotic cars, and fame.

Maybe the anthem kneelers should take a trip to other nations to see how good the American system really is. Places like North Korea outright torture sports teams for losing. Dissenters who have the guts to protest there are sent to prison camps or simply executed.

It takes a massive amount of ignorance to actively fight against an American system that has provided you with so much, and protects you from true tyranny and evil.

Kaepernick could learn a lesson from Toronto Maple Leafs fans. They’re just average Canadians, not millionaires or international sports stars. They chose to do something to show respect for Americans everywhere, and stood where Kaepernick would kneel.

And if you’re wondering if the American fans would ever do the same, here’s a video from a year later where grateful fans of the Nashville Predators paid back the thoughtful Canadians, filling the arena with “O Canada.”

Respect is a two-way street, and these hockey fans understand that all too well.

It’s a lesson a lot of protesters still have to learn.

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