REVOLT: Rep Gosar, Kick Ryan Out and Put Jim Jordan In – David Harris Jr

Rep Paul Gosar is getting impatient and he isn’t willing to wait til January for new leadership in the House and he is openly calling for RINO Paul Ryan to be removed as Speaker and immediately replaced by Rep Jim Jordan of Ohio. And for good reason. Currently the Democrats only have to deal with a calico tabby but with Jordan they would have to face a tiger. Many Republican voters are angry that leadership is not keeping their election promises. Paul Ryan is bad and Kevin McCarthy is more of the same. We need someone willing to fight for our agenda and getting them before the election would boost the Republican’s chances because it would energize people to vote and keep Pelosi out of the Speaker’s chair.

Jordan is a leading member of the Freedom caucus and membership is expected to go up during the 2018 elections as many of the more conservative candidates have won primaries in safe seats that are open due to retirement and mostly by RINOs. I consider that the same as a pick up.

From Breitbart News

During a discussion with host and Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour about Ryan’s failures on immigration with a looming pro-amnesty discharge petition hanging in the balance, Gosar hammered the entire current leadership team.

“Part of the problem is I think the whole leadership team is toxic,” Gosar said. “And that’s part of the problem. How did we choose this? These are the same group of people that conveyed the jurisdiction of the omnibus. These are the same group of leaders that haven’t honored a promise.”

There is another good reason to force a vote on a Speaker. It would force Democrats to take a stand on Pelosi. Many House members and candidates say they won’t vote for Pelosi but that is a ruse for most of them to keep Republicans from running against her in all 50 states. Her last stint as Speaker was a disaster for the country and for the Democratic party.