Somalis Scam Welfare, Sends Proceeds to Terrorists: $100 Million Last Year [VIDEO] – David Harris Jr

Somalis in Minnesota were running 10 daycare centers that were scamming welfare and sending the proceeds overseas to extremists. For a long time people have been critical of large Somali populations in Ohio and Minnesota over the fact that they suspect many of them are voting illegally. Now the Somalis living in Minnesota are being accused of financing terrorists with the hard earned tax dollars of American citizens. It’s outrageous that this goes on and it’s even more outrageous because it’s been allowed to go on for years. Local Fox affiliate discovered that people are stuffing suitcases with a million dollars and transporting the money overseas.

The daycare would bill welfare and as soon as the payments were received, they would be wired to the United Arab Emirates or sometimes transported overseas by a human carrier. After a few daycare centers were busted the wire transfers stopped and all the money would be packed in suitcases for transport. The practice would be legal if not for the source of the money. You can transportlarge sums of money under two conditions. One you must fill out a form for the government and two, the money must be going to a country without a formal banking system.

From The Gateway Pundit

A little background on the welfare fraud:

The state would pay a daycare’s bill and within hours of the money showing up in the business’s bank account, funds were being wired to the United Arab Emirates.

Those wire transfers stopped after a few centers were busted.

Which brings us back to those mysterious suitcases at Minneapolis-St. Paul International.

In 2015, investigators documented $14 million in carry on cash. By 2016, it had mushroomed to $84 million. Then last year, $100 million.

A trend all too familiar to former terrorism investigator Glen Kerns.

Fox 9 asked him how likely it is that some of the money is going towards terrorism?

“I say absolutely, our sources tell us that. Good sources, from the community leaders,” he said. “My personal opinion is we need a nationwide task force to clamp down on this type of fraud.”

More on this multi-million dollar welfare scam from Fox 9: