Stormy's lawyer Suspected of Fraud Over 12 Million Dollar Mansion – David Harris Jr

Michael Avenatti is suspected in conducting fraud against the owner of a $12 million dollar mansion. Avenatti agreed to pay rent on the home in the amount of $100,000 a month for 9 months until he could put together the money to buy the home. At the end of nine months, Avenatti still didn’t have the money to close the deal or even to pay the rent. Then miraculously a Swiss company sued the owner and tried to take his home away.

From The Gateway Pundit

When it comes time for discovery in the case with the Newport Beach property, the Swiss company never shows up for a deposition.

When it comes time for mediation, the Swiss company never shows up for that.

When it comes time for court, the Swiss company doesn’t appear.

In fact, nobody ever appears for this phantom Swiss company.  The former home owner denies owing any money to any Swiss company. Finally, the suit is dismissed, and the home owner can pursue eviction of Avenatti.

The Swiss company suit was a pure fraud on the court, and the only logical explanation is it was a fraud by Avenatti.

Legal expert and attorney Robert Barnes tweeted the following related to this nightmare –


Michael Avenatti is the creepy lawyer for the equally creepy Stormy Daniels, a gold digging porn star who is trying to get rich from an alleged one night stand with Donald Trump over 10 years ago. He is currently under review in California and may face disbarment proceedings as the result.