TRUTH: What Liberals Just Don’t Get About Gender Equality

Seth Connell writes that, since the idea of forcing women into combat situations is just so dandy to the Left, there is a new push for women to be included in the Selective Service registration system for the draft. How despicable!

Last summer, I wrote about a bill introduced in the Senate that would have done just that. Dubbed the “Draft our Daughters” bill, if made into law it would have required women to register with the Selective Service just as all men over 18 are currently required to.

Now, fortunately, that did not become law. Women are not required to register with the Selective Service. However, that is certainly not stopping Leftist social engineers from attempting to make the military a social experiment in gender equality.

The Daily Caller reported that the Bipartisan Policy Center (what an innocuous name) issued a new report addressing issues with the Selective Service system, recommending that major overhauls be implemented. One of those overhauls includes changing the Selective Service system so that women are required to register, should the draft ever be reenacted.

It also includes a prudent recommendation that more attention to skills be taken, but nonetheless the request for gender quality in combat is the most glaring aspect of the report.

The report proposes to make Selective Service gender-equal and redesign the system to pay far more attention to specific skills or technical qualifications possessed by participants. In the event of a major disaster, the military would be able to institute a “smart draft,” that is, funnel in draftees with particular aptitude in a high-demand area […]

“The current system is limited to males and only requires basic identifying information, making it only useful for the enhancement of military manpower through mass-conscription—which is unlikely to occur and equally unlikely to be helpful in future conflicts,” the report notes.

When the issue was more at the forefront of the national debate, the Obama administration took a strong position on the issue.

The Obama administration supported forcing women to sign up for the draft given that all combat roles were opened to women.

“As old barriers for military service are being removed, the administration supports — as a logical next step — women registering for the Selective Service,” Ned Price, a spokesman for the National Security Council, said.

That plan was fortunately dropped, but here we are today, once again arguing why our women should not have their rights held hostage until they sign their lives away so that politicians can send them to war all over the globe (and fight one of the most evil and bloodthirsty enemies ever to plague the earth).

What in God’s name is civilized about that?

Just let this idea sink in for a moment: the Left, those who claim to be fighting things like rape culture and male oppression, want to forcibly require our wives and daughters to sign their lives away to go fight against an enemy that knows no rules but one: kill the infidel at all costs.

And in addition to that, what happens when female soldiers are captured by Islamic terrorists in combat zones? Do you know what will happen to them? The horror of it is something I will not go into, but it does not take much imagination to know what horrors these women would be put through at the hands of heathen jihadist low-lives.

But even if they were not captured, what about the conditions of combat overall?

The Editors of National Review wrote a scathing indictment of this idea back in February:

Men should protect women. They should not shelter behind mothers and daughters. Indeed, we see this reality every time there is a mass shooting. Boyfriends throw themselves over girlfriends, and even strangers and acquaintances often give themselves up to save the woman closest to them […]

Ground combat is barbaric. Even today, men grapple with men, killing each other with anything they can find. Returning veterans describe countless incidents of hand-to-hand combat with jihadists. In his book about the Battle of Ganjgal, Into the Fire, Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer describes just such an encounter with a Taliban fighter. The Taliban tried to capture Meyer, and they ended up wrestling in the dirt. Meyer describes what happened next:

I pawed at the ground with my right hand and found a rock the size of a baseball. I clutched it and swung blindly at his face. The blow stunned him. Before he could recover, I pushed off his chest, lifted the rock high in my right fist, and smashed it down like a hammer, breaking his front teeth. He looked me in the eyes, the fight knocked out of him, his head not moving. We both knew it was over. I drew back my arm and drove the stone down, crushing his left cheekbone. He went limp. I pushed up on my knees and hit him with more force. This blow caved in the left side of his forehead. I smashed his face again and again, driven by pure primal rage.

And the Left wants that to be required of our women.

Make no mistake: the social engineers of the Left really do not care what happens to our women in combat zones. As long as they are forcibly conscripted and sent into combat zones the same way that men have been, everything is just dandy; women’s rights and dignity be damned.

As long as there is equality, that is all that matters. Our women must be sacrificed on the altar of equality, by social engineers, who will pay no price for the inevitably horrific consequences of such a policy.

And if you disagree, you are just a misogynist and want to oppress women.

That is what is really happening here.