Washington Governor Claims ‘Just 59 Days’ To Save World From Global Warming!

Gov. Jay Inslee is demanding state lawmakers to tax fossil-fuel emissions immediately in Washington state because there are “just 59 days” left to stop Global Warming.

Well, if there are only 59 days left, his tax isn’t going to help, we’re doomed!

The plan would tax carbon emissions generated by transportation fuels and power plants at $20 per metric ton starting in July of 2019. After that, the tax would increase by 3.5 percent each year, plus inflation.

“It is time to step up,” Inslee told lawmakers at the Capitol. The impacts of climate change, he added, “will be carried by our children, our economy, our security and our quality of life.”

He also tweeted: “We have allowed the unfettered release of carbon pollution into our air. That burden will be carried by our children, our economy, our security, and our quality of life.”

The governor’s office estimates his tax would raise $1.5 billion over its first two years, and $3.3 billion over four years. Much of the money from the tax would initially be used to replenish the roughly $1 billion in reserves Inslee hopes to spend on education.

The money later would be spent on a mix of clean energy, water conservation and other environmental projects.

About $950 million would go toward education programs. The rest would go toward green energy programs and research, water infrastructure, wildfire mitigation. Some money would offset taxes or go to poor families.

Republicans called Inslee’s plan an unnecessary tax hike that is more focused on raising money than actually helping the environment. House Minority Leader Dan Kristiansen, R-Snohomish, said he has legislators working on environmental policy he believes won’t have as much of an economic impact.

“This is about new and higher taxes, not about fixing the problem,” said Senate Minority Leader Mark Schoesler, a Republican from Ritzville.

If Inslee’s carbon tax plan passed, it would have no measurable impact on projected future global warming. Indeed, even if the U.S. as a whole stopped emitting, the impact would be extremely small, based on government climate models.

Source : theminorityreportblog.com