Watch: Camera Catches Couple on Street Restore Flag's Honor After Punks Trash It

Concurrent with the increasing anti-Americanism of the progressive left is an increase in the targeting of the American flag for acts of vandalism and disrespect by leftists.

While the blatant hate and disregard for the flag — and all that the flag represents — is rather disconcerting, it is good to see examples of how many Americans still hold great respect for our nation’s iconic banner.

CBS News reported on some home security camera footage that has gone viral on social media after it showed a resident’s American flag ripped down and flung on the ground by one person only to capture the moment a short time later when two other people stopped to pick it up and respectfully fold it with the honor it deserves.

The incident occurred Sunday in Mobile, Alabama, and was caught by the security cameras of a woman named Margaret Dopson, who installed the cameras for just such a moment as this.

“We’ve had our flag ripped down four times in three years. It’s one of the reasons for the cameras,” Dopson told CBS.

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“It’s gut-wrenching to me to see it on video. It’s a quick flash of what’s wrong with society — anger, hatred and disrespect,” she continued.

Indeed, the images of the man walking past and casually ripping down the flag to leave it lying on the sidewalk is a sign of great disrespect for the nation, but thankfully that “gut-wrenching” display was countered by what happened next.

A man and woman walking by stopped when they came upon the downed flag. The couple immediately picked it up off the ground and began to painstakingly fold the flag into the classic triangle by which it is often displayed.

After the flag had been suitably folded, the man carefully placed it on the front porch of the house where it had formerly flown.

“I was so happy to say, ‘Yes, this is what’s right in this world, good people are around.’ Quite frankly it moved me greatly, even the way the young man placed our flag on our porch,” Dopson told CBS.

“When I opened my door on Sunday morning my first reaction was, ‘Oh great, someone tore our flag down again …,’” she recalled.

“Then I immediately saw the folded up flag and I knew then I wanted to find who was kind enough to fold it up more than I wanted to know who tore it down,” she added.

Do you enjoy seeing patriotic Americans treating the flag with the honor it is due?

Dopson has no idea of the identity of the couple who stopped to respectfully fold her downed flag, but she is anxious to find out so she can thank them for their gracious actions.

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In fact, that is precisely why she posted the surveillance camera footage to social media in the first place, in the hopes that others who see it may know who the couple are — if not the patriotic couple themselves — so she can meet them and thank them personally.

It is heartwarming sights like this that inspire patriotic Americans to keep their spirits up in spite of the constant negativity and anti-Americanism espoused by the political left and its America-hating followers.

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