WATCH: Two Armed Thugs Just Got Lethal Lesson In The Second Amendment – This Is Why We Need Guns ⋆ US Herald

Playing identity politics and bashing the 2nd Amendment are the left’s two favorite past times. With regards to the latter, there is always the occasional incident that demonstrates exactly why Americans have the right to bear arms. Of course, the mainstream media will try to sweep these incidents under the rug.

Such was the case in Whittier, California, of all places. Two men in hoods tried to commit armed robbery at a liquor store. The clerk, though, wasn’t willing to be a passive victim and fought back. Fortunately, he was armed, and an exchange of gunfire ensued. One of the robbers was hit and died at the scene, while the other fled. The clerk was unharmed.

While law enforcement did not recover the weapon used by the robbers, there is evidence that a weapon other than the one used by the clerk was fired.

This is exactly what the 2nd Amendment was created for: to give every American the right to protect themselves, their property, and their livelihood.

Of course, the liberal media will completely omit these types of occurrences from their reports since it doesn’t fit their agenda that guns are bad and are only used in mass shootings.

As for the two robbers, they have been identified as Black men. Oh wait, was it racist just now to mention the color of their skin? That’s strange because liberal news outlets had no qualms rubbing in our faces that the Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs shooters were white. Outlets like Huffington Post and Salon do lengthy pieces about how white mass shooters are the byproduct of white supremacy, white this, and white that.

Regardless, the bottom line here is that a gun was used to protect life and property. Incidents like this make liberals cringe because it weakens their narrative in the never-ending gun debate.

Do you think this story will ever see the light of day in news outlets like CNN and MSNBC?