WWE: Brock Lesnar tops wrestling’s rich list earning $12million in 2016

Former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar was the highest paid athlete in WWE last year according to latest figures.

The current WWE Universal Champion pocketed a cool $12 million during 2016 according to Forbes, whose estimations factor in the company’s public filings, contracts and pay documents.

The figure makes Lesnar comfortably the company’s top earner, but just how high you see that number is a matter of perspective – it’s thought to pale in comparison to his earnings during his most recent stint with UFC.

It’s an interesting revelation all the same; Lesnar works a hugely-reduced schedule compared to most of WWE’s in-ring talent, featuring on barely a few dozen dates across the calendar year, but still taking home more than the next-highest earner, John Cena, who earned $8 million.

There are one or two other surprises in the list – current WWE Champion and company veteran Randy Orton is listed as earning the least of the top ten with just $1.9 million, while sensational 2016 newcomer AJ Styles netted $2.4 million.

Legendary figure The Undertaker, who stole the show at the recent Wrestlemania event with an emotional retirement, earned $2 million despite featuring sparingly across just the first four months of the year, while the list is completed by Seth Rollins ($2 million); Shane McMahon ($ 2.2 million); Dean Ambrose ($2.7 million); Roman Reigns ($3.5 million) and Triple H ($3.8 million).

Source : independent.co.uk